Friday, September 16, 2016

Faculty of Hospitality at GU conducted a workshop on WINE TASTING

Ms Seema Trehan  represented from the behalf of Sula Vineyards as a Sommelier for the wine appreciation session where she shared her experience in guiding students of GU in sensory examination & evaluation of wines. Ms Seema Trehan has worked with various companies in Gurgaon ( IBM, ABS, Bohemian Crystal Company, Soft Skills World etc). She is presently working with Sula for the last three years as an Assistant Sales & Marketing Manager  and taking care of tastings and trainings in North. The sommelier made students understand about the  perceived flavors, aromas & characteristics of RASA SHIRAZ i.e. Red wine, SAUVIGNON BLANC & CHENNIN BLANC i.e. white wines & SULA BRUT i.e. Sparkling wine.She discussed about the key points/steps in the testing : colour, swirl, smell, taste & savour. These are also known as "five S"- 1. See 2.Swirl 3.Sniff 4.Sip 5. Savour

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