Monday, October 5, 2015

Research Project of CII-FACE in association with NABARD

Students from MBA give assistance in research project under taken by CII-FACE in association with NABARD. The objective of it is to study the Custom Hiring Centers (CHC) for farm machinery in different states of India (providing farm machinery on rent to farmers). They learnt from this research that what type of machinery and services are provided by these societies to the farmers. These societies are very helpful and useful for the farmers. Farmers who cannot buy all type of machinery for the farming, because it is very costly. So they are taking machinery on less amount of rent from the societies according to their needs. The machinery includes tractor, trolley, rotavator, tiller, cultivator, drill, etc. The rent is fixed by the society and less from other private society. Students were visited different district of Punjab (Hoshiarpur, Nawanshahr, Jalandhar).In each district they covered 2-3 societies of CHC where they meet with the president of the society and the members of the society. At each society their target is to meet 10-15 farmers and fill the questioners. They asked the questions to the farmers and fill the questioner. The questions are like: how much land they have, which services and machinery they are taking from the society and why, what difficulties they are facing while taking the services, what suggestions they want to give etc.

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