Monday, September 19, 2016


A guest lecture on "INNOVATIVE MODEL MAKING" under the technical project JOY OF ENGINEERING was arranged by Faculty of Engineering and Technology.
Students from B.Tech -Mechanical Engineering (Semester-1), Mechatronics (Semester-1), Mechanical and Automation Engineering (Semester-1) and ECE (Semester-1) attended this guest lecture.

Mr. Karan Arora,CEO,Itronix Solutions, Jalandhar along with Mr. Amardeep Singh (Mechanical Design Engineer at Itronix Solutions),and Mr.Niraj Kumar (Engineer at Itronix Solutions) were the invited experts and they explained the students about basic concepts of automation and its applications in industry  and how students can make their unique projects in Web Server based  automation.  Many live experiments were demonstrated for the students for better understanding on the Aurdino Platform (Hardware-software) which provided the students a real exposure and a vision to learn more in the area of automation and IoT.. 

The students found this session very interesting and cleared their queries about making projects on automation.

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